We Offer Both Physiotherapy & Exercise Physiology

Initial Consultation

An initial consultation takes approximately 60 minutes, and our practitioner starts by going through your medical history, as well as your current conditions and concerns. This is followed by a physical exam which includes measurements and a postural assessment.

A basic fitness test assists the practitioner in assessing your strength, flexibility and range of motion. The consultation ends by discussing your needs and goals, and you will leave the appointment with an individualised plan to help you move forward.

Follow-up Sessions

The structure of our follow-up sessions at C2M vary according to your specific needs. We offer three session lengths (30, 45, and 60 minute sessions) which may include a variety of content from education, progress reviews, and/or training.

Looking For a Group Fitness Class? join us!

We offer group classes for all ages, on a range of times and days.

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